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13 Feb 2011

Just a note of thanks to our sponsors

Just want to say a big thanks to our corporate sponsors, we couldn't do it without you (no literally we are not allowed to enter the rally without raising the money!) and to the various companies that have helped us build the mental machine itself...

If you are interested in any of their services please visit their sites on over here ------------------->

6 Feb 2011

History in pictures so far...

Something I've been meaning to do for a while is show a history of the bug so far in pictures so here we go...

1.Get the car, totally standard, needed some welding and mechanical work to get through MOT

Remove standard airbox and fit cheap and nasty cone filter.

Buy some 'MG mini' green high temperature paint and go a bit slap happy on the block

Fit a carbon fibre 'effect' strut brace
Get some 15" momo alloys and put cheapo tyres on it

don't have specific picture but get Brembo front discs and green stuff pads fitted around now
find a veilside / bomex bodykit up north on ebay, spends a month in my kitchen being rebuilt (front bumper in several pieces etc)
 We fit the bodykit and use tins of halfords special to spray the body kit up
 ...with ridiculous rear wing

Have custom exhaust made up so I can interchange between 2 back boxes, a less sporty mazdaspeed one... 

...and this ridiculously loud titanium japanese one.

Does it's first ScumRun 2009 (our second)

Made it back in one piece but paintwork a little worse for wear!

Get adjustable coilovers

have the coilovers fitted

Car now looks pretty cool dropped about 100mm

I smashed the clutch bearings going off the limited in tunnels in france so needed new clutch

turns out I'd sheered the whole drive shaft so needed new gearbox too!

Swapped the nasty cheap filter for an APEXi induction kit (which is awesome!) 

We take it to the Nurburgring 'rag the ring' 

It massively impresses on the track

Have crazy spray job done ready for the next ScumRun

OK so that's it so far! 

Team bugsplat

The Bug now has a crazy respray!

So at the time of writing this, I have two followers, so whichever one you are, big thanks! If you are new, be sure to follow as it starts to get interesting from now on as we count down to the craziest charity rally there is!

SO... last blog I let you in on a little secret. This blog I let you know how I got on.

It all started with some instantly freezing ice due to my own obsession with procrastination. let me explain. Having spoken to the graffiti guys and various other car people the general consensus about preparation for the respray was to make sure its clean and then give it a quick sand with a fine grain block to give the tack needed. The view was that not too much prep was needed as it has between 2-4 layers of paint (including primer) on it already so had a good base coat.  This was all very well and I naively thought 'well ill do it the night before because i don't want to drive around in a sanded car' BUT i forgot one key ingredient...

it was -2c outside...

so off with a bucket of soapy water, 2 sanding pads and several jumpers I go into the darkness.  The first challenge was the light, or lack of it, I parked the other car behind it and turned the lights on (which drained the battery for the next morning but that's another story!)
so I at least had a little light to work with...

I then start to mop down the grime from the car... got the pads out and started scrubbing. It was only a few seconds before I realised what was happening... I was spreading a thin layer of ice all over the car...dammit.
but i persisted until my hands were too painful and thought sod it, hope that will do.

So the next morning I get up at 6am and head for birmingham, which apparently is much further away than I realised...the journey was fairly uneventful and it was nice to give the bug a bit of a blast up the m40.

As I approached central Birmingham two things happened, the traffic snarled up and I realised with horror just how bloody filthy the car still was, I'd succeeded in 'scratching' the pain to a level i thought would be fine for the respray but i'd merely spread dirt around in the process. Luckily for me on route was one of our good polish friend car wash places. so £3 later I had a sparkly clean motor with a 2 mile trip to the graffiti dudes.

So i got to 'the custard factory' where they were based and met up with Joe, one of the cool dudes who was going to create the 'work of art' we stopped off at their office to pick up the various paints needed and then headed over to 'the workshop'. Now when I say workshop it was more a railway bridge / pay and display / local hoodie hangout.  But I went along with it, luckily the weather was holding.

Then I met Victor, he's the guy who had worked up the design for the car, he was very excited about doing the carp.  So we started masking up the car

Once masked up I stood back and made some video footage, took a few photos and tried generally to stay out the way as much as possible as the 'creative work' began.

As for how they did the whole thing instead of me writing it all it would be easier if you watch the video I made...

The guys did a fantastic job given the 6 hour window they had to work with! and the fact that we were all turning blue from the temperature!

So massive thanks go to Victor and Joe at www.graffiti4hire.co.uk not only for the great job but for doing it at a massively reduced rate as its for the charity rally. They get 'their own race car' (their words not mine) and I get one of the most nuts looking mx5's ive seen.

easy win win.

I tell you what, I got some crazy looks on the way home!!! (ranging from 11 year olds thinking 'cool' to 80 year olds thinking 'what is the world coming to')

Still to sort are wheels / sponsors stickers and a few other bits and pieces.

Roll on the ScumRun!

Joe - Team BugSplat