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18 Sep 2013

Scumrun 2013 - The Cast Are All Dubious - Its been a while since I blogged and here's why...

Hi all,
First, apologies that I've left it so long to put anything up here, The fates of the world set in play a bunch of madness that meant i've just struggled to find time for anything...

I owe updates on the following:

Scumrun 2013
The SuperBug Build

But for now you will just need to occupy yourselves with watching what happened yourself...

So here we are! Scumrun Limited "Often Imitated but never duplicated" official movie - Scumrun 2013 - The Cast Are All Dubious.

100 Cars, 300 Participants, Europe's Premier Charity Rally, Scumrun 2013. Catch up with the various teams as they hurtle across Europe causing chaos and mayhem en route. In it's 8th Year the now 5 day event heads across Europe driving hard, partying hard and drinking hard...Whether you're after Daisy Duke, some 6ft Fairies, Drunken Mexicans, Crash Test Dummies, Haggis bashing, Locomotive horns, Kamikazes, or even a Rolls Royce, this years Scumrun has it all...

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