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30 Apr 2012

3 days to go and plenty to do

Just a quick note to say than time has crept up in me like banshee in a snowstorm. There is no time left and I seemingly have lots of cabling gaffering and soldering to do to stand any chance of having this camera system working

I plan to do car checks like oil etc the day before with andy but have realised I'm just not going to have time to fit all the camera kit in one day

Good news is the one camera I've put in so far seems to be working and talking to all it needs to so at least the system works just got to get my arse in gear now

On top of that I'm behind with the editing from last years footage which I'm hoping to release some more of prior to the event

So on summary not enough time and too much to do... But it just wouldn't be Scumrun if I was that organised would it?

27 Apr 2012

1 week until the Scumrun, shake down and tape down

So as you can see from the countdown clock ----------------->

There is not long to go until the crazy world of Scumrun once again descends on the pour defenceless European highway network and removes her of any such innocence as she once had. It's a relief that the route is always new as I'm not convinced a destination would take the punishment 2 years running.

Driving miss daisy it isnt...

In preparation for this I've been fairly unprepared. You can read below my exploits around camera equipment etc in recent times. But it's true to say that I've not really had much chance to focus on one of the most important components of the whole thing.  The car!

With 1 week to go I finally got round to thinking about the bag of spanners that will get us round.

out comes the gaffer...

In truth, I'm hoping shes pretty much in shape and ready to go but Andy and I took her out for a blast down the A3 to give her a bit of a shakedown. redlining in 4th showed that the engine still has a bit of go ready for her swansong event (note engine swap following event)

It has left her with a bit of a rattly exhaust though, will need to source a heavy duty exhaust clamp before Wednesday.

Project X is also going well, this is a surprise for the event so I will do a full report on this post event.

So roll on this week!

9 Apr 2012

Good Friday wheels day with the Scumrun lads, the sparks ladies andtiff needell

Now I never had the bug down as a hot rod in fact it's about as far away from American muscle as frank skinner but never the less I have given her a bit of a clean up and headed on over to aldershot for wheels day 2012.

Now normally I'd have expected quite a lot of abuse attempting to "show" her as she is more jody marsh than Claudia schiffer but actually she got quite a lot of positive attention

Now the reason I was there was actually because Scumrun had a stand there with the two orange bmws the charity brought along tiff needell and I did a bit of video action

Was comedy when I climbed up on stage with tiff as I think people thought I was filming for fifth gear or something heh heh

I had to rush off at lunch which was no small feat as I had to wade through thousands of people scraping curbs at five mph with the roof down

Let's just say its a good job I don't feel shame

Checkout the video...

Also this weekend I've had some mixed success with the video equipment

I say mixed as you may recall my excitement at having found a bang and olufsen VHS. Less exciting however when it chewed up 2 videos .

So I've gone slightly newer school on my approach

Now got it all running into a laptop but with an external monitor will post some pics once it's on the car

Project x is coming along nicely just waiting on some parts and need to get busy with some "mods"

So given the rally is just around the corner I'm glad to finally making some progress!

5 Apr 2012

Scumrun only a few weeks away now...

The time is flying by now and my seemingly endless list of jobs is still seemingly just that...endless
However I have been making some progress on the old video system front.

I now have virtually everything I need. Only one more thing to find, a 4 or 5" 12v portable television with a coaxial input (ie aerial) to plug the B&O VHS output into. However these appear to be rarer than moondust on ebay! but I'll keep hunting.

Then for the almighty task of wiring and bolting it all into the car! That will be quite an ordeal I guess.

I think I'm up to around 12 camera's in total now, whether I get them all working will be another matter however. You know who I feel sorry for? the poor little lightweight battery in the bug!

Ok in other matters, After our little meeting with Tiff last week...

I got home and the car seemed like it had enjoyed the good thrashing it had on route.

But it decided to bite me in the arse...with one of those most annoying of things...a slow puncture.

Rear offside tyre was going down. so I nipped round to good old Guildford Tyre Co and they did a good job of fixing it up. If marginally wrist slapping me for tyres not having that much life left in them.

Lastly, It is wheels day tomorrow where the Scumrun team have a stand and several of us are taking our respective motors down for a bit of a humdingaloolaparty.

As a tribute to the fact that many people may be openly laughing at my ridiculous car I decided I better give it a wipe down. So here is another one of those rarest of things. A photo of the bug fairly clean!

Alas I will return soon with more pre rally antics...not long now!