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10 Mar 2012

Initial testing of Multicamera system...

Well initial testing of the in car multi-cam system began today.
It has proved three things
1.As you can see one of the camera's picture quality is pretty bad and I should look at replacing it.
2. The idea of flicking a switch in the dash and changing between cameras should work in principle.
3.I need a haircut.

I'm still waiting for the B&O VHS to arrive so cant test it with that yet, but tried it through the TV and into a capture card onto a laptop and seems to work well.

Right...now to find 1 or 2 more old high end video cameras...anyone?

9 Mar 2012

Building an old school live action video system...yes why not!

As you may be aware I am planning on filming quite a bit of footage on the upcoming Scumrun rally in May.

One of my hair brained schemes is to build an old school video system into the car. I will have a fair bit of modern digital shenanigans with me as well but I want to put cameras where they just shouldn't be and will likely get unavoidably mullered in the process.

I'm ideally looking to create a feeling of ubiquitous viewpoint from within the car. A live edit suite at 100mph if you will...

To do this I've been on the hunt for old video equipment for a while now...so far I've accumulated various Hi8 and vhs-c handicams from the 90s (all notably with hi end lenses, mostly sony carl zeiss) These will have their video and audio outputs component cabled into a switch box in the dashboard before the final signal being sent to a Bang & Olufsen Beocord VHS recording unit.

So old school, analogue but quality kit is the plan!

I am waiting for bits and pieces to arrive before I set it all up in my lounge (photos will ensue) and run some testing.

Then I need to work out how to build it all into the car...that will be a whole other story!

Current Bug total camera count for the rally is up to 6 so far...