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17 Aug 2012

Scumrun 2012 - Part 10 - The Mechanical Bull Run

The sun was shining...spreading its golden sheen over the streets of the archetypal Spanish backdrop...Warming the scene with The peaceful allure of yellow serenity. Imagine the birds singing as the locals pick up their just baked bread and happily stroll from A to B, carrying on their undisturbed daily routine.  A few family tourists taking photos, smiling at the beautiful architecture. A perfect picture of tranquil northern spain...

Then we arrived...

100 of the loudest, brashest, most offensive, chaotic, inconsiderate, party animalistic, dimwitted, britsabroadafarian and down right mayhem inciting cars and accompanying individuals ever to venture outside her majesties oceanic walls.

This clash of culture was sure to be somewhat interesting. Especially as being one of the first there we realised that the first checkpoint already had several spanish policeman there.

I'm actually rather relieved to inform you that both the constabulary of Pamplona and the local populous were both welcoming, excited and actually rather pleased to see us descend on their great town!

We even managed to get one of our lawful friends to say 'good luck Scumrun' to camera!

This next 30 mins was rather remarkable really. I actually felt more like we were on the Gumball than the Scumrun... People wanted photos with our car and were asking us to rev the engine and generally be as scumtastic as we would have been anyway but with the luxury of them being totally accepting!

The first checkpoint was the streets of the bull run, the second the bull ring itself.

We spent a long time at the bull ring, seeing the other scummers come through and getting their checkpoint photos. At various points there were 10+ cars pulled up infront of the ring with the locals crowding round wondering what on earth was happening.

We had local gymnasts cart wheeling in front of the cars, and scumrunners vomiting from the night before showing the usual levels of respect. It was like London 2012 has come early just 1000 miles south.

The footage we took at the bull ring is some of the best of the event I think and for whatever little it's worth I want to say a big thanks to Pamplona for being so welcoming.

We headed back out of town and north towards the french border...

To be continued...surftastically