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27 Aug 2011

Clutch gone in 30s, featuring team floppy throttle

Did this the other day, bit of fun and all that...

Time for a new top to match the collar and cuffs

It is about this time of year that 2 things happen, the rain begins. If england had a 'rainy season' it begins about now and goes through to next May. Secondly I start thinking about the things I need / followed by the things I want to get done for next years Scumrun.  It's to this end that I went down to autolink the mx5 specialists who fitted my new clutch and gearbox last year and asked them to sort out the inappropriate offense to nature that was my roof.

So here is my eulogy to my old roof.

"A dear friend, served me well across the voids of the european highways, through the high's of the mountain passes to the depths of the racetrack abuse. you were squished, folded, flattened, stretched, taped, beaten, drenched, insulted and to my eternal debt hidden from 90% of events wherever possible. I salute you old roof, you were the wort on the arse of the bug but you gave it character and several more leakage problems"

However it was the wrong colour and pretty crappy, so had to go...

Met the guys who were really helpful and special thanks to Nick who did a great job of fitting it while most of the southern members of the MX5 owners club turned up to watch!

here are some pictures. I hope you agree that the new roof now makes the car look much meaner! grrrr

20 Aug 2011

Scumrun Video

So video is my thing right, it's what I do, I may not be spielberg but I love to create video shorts. So it was all too easy to say yes when Mr Scumrun asked me to run the Scumrun Youtube channel.

check it out at www.youtube.com/scumrunvideo

Ill also post relevant videos here as and when they are done...hot off the press is Tunnel Run The Movie, a video of Myself, Mr Scumrun and Mr Floppy Throttle and a few other chums testing out the hindhead tunnel. Also contains important info about next years event.

More to come soon before, during and after the next rally, so keep watching!

15 Aug 2011

Got bored at the weekend

So had a mess around with the camera from work and took a few shots down at the local trading estate. so introducing, The Bug The Movie