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30 Jan 2012

2011 Scumrun launch footage now online

Just a quick note to say that we've released the first bout of Scumrun 2011 footage on the Scumrunvideo youtube channel...

With some lovely shots of the bug together with the 100 odd other mad buggers who took part.

Not actually that long until this years rally now! better get going on sorting the car out!

15 Jan 2012

Car-ma example...

So just a quickie to say that those who don't believe in Karma may want to look away now.

You may recall in my previous post that I accidentally may have broken the ContourHD camera during testing and I had sent it back to the supplier who shall remain nameless with it's tail between it's legs. Now that they have refunded said item, thanks goes to them for customer service above and beyond... I can own up to the honest truth. The reason for the little recording blighter not working was partly concrete related but may also have been a slight result of its dillydally with the rear wheels on its way through.
Whatever the reason, it has now been sorted and another camera from a different supplier is on route and fingers crossed will arrive shortly. So all worked out nice again...
So back to the Karma...
Those who live in the UK will recall the other days strong winds. It was like Michael Fish has stood up and confidently declared all is calm with the world. ie...it wasn't.
If you want a weather report then your definitely at the wrong place but the result of this wind was a neighbours tile...flung off their roof at high velocity landed square on the join of one of my headlights and the wing. resulting in a rather nasty injury to the bug.
To be fair to nature at least she didn't pick one of the other more sensible cars parked all around me, she had to pick the only car with the custom paint job that it almost impossible to 'gloss over'
so I have 2 choices... leave as is and claim as a drifting battle scar or fix up myself and hope its not too horrendous a finish at the end.
either way a clear demonstration of karma in action I feel...

6 Jan 2012

The bug starts 2012 with some hollywood testing and hollywood budgets!

So as 2012 kicks off like leaving the cones from the nordschleife pit lane in a cloud of rubber burning maelstrom the bug has had quite an eventful first week...

Firstly as you may or may not be aware I am endeavouring to create some oscar winning scumrun video content on the next rally in May... Failing that just capturing a lot of it in somewhere near decent quality will do.

The Christmas fairies came along and brought me a Contour HD 1080p helmet camera with the pro in car mount along with it.  So I took the opportunity to give it a bit of a test...

This was going really well until I decided to try some helmet and exterior shots...it appears that the 3M pad on the helmet didn't hold...the camera went flying...smashing into the tarmac at 20mph busting the power button and battery doh!  I've sent it back and finger's crossed!

The second issue this week has been that old chum of any true scumrun enthusiast...the MOT.

I use a garage called Fox's in Guildford, they've been serving me well for several years and done the last 2 MOTs on the bug as well as various repairs...

MOT failure as expected (well honestly after the 2011 it had did you really expect a clean sweep?) on all the areas that if I had actually stopped to think I would have known it would fail on, emissions, headlight aim, few other bits and pieces...but the main one I didnt realise, the rear breaks were £$%£$&

and by $£%&$% I mean not working at all...totally seized, kaput, deceased, like said parrot...

Turns out it needed new pads, discs and calipers. sorry night pictures are never good but here are the shiny new brakes

These now fitted (and still to be bedded in) and new shiny MOT in hand the bug is ready for 2012's fun and frollicks!!!