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31 Mar 2011

Smaller wheel, Bigger fun

Back in my idiot days (no not yesterday, I mean when I was 20 and driving around in my soft top escort cabriolet like some kind of pimp, anyway...) I had a Momo race steering wheel, which I loved, I spent something like 170 quid on it back then and then being an idiot I decided to get rid of the car, without keeping it. In retrospect shouldn't have got rid of the car at all, but the least I should have done is removed the momo wheel, wolfrace wheels and the other ££££ I'd spent on it... sorry enough lamenting...

The point is that if any car is screaming out for a smaller steering wheel its the go kart of a car that the bug is becoming! However, I can't afford to spend that kind of cash on a momo wheel again. so instead I bought a used £15 job off ebay! originally from china or somewhere that direction I'm sure it's never going to win any street cred competitions, but then again, look at the car its in.  Took it out for a drive and actually makes a world of different, its about 35mm smaller than the old one.

The funny thing is, Mazda in their wisdom fitted the Vspec models in Holland with an aftermarket wheel using a Momo boss kit! so it literally took me 15 mins to rewire the horn and bolt on! rock on!

Still a few jobs left before the rally, but getting there!

30 Mar 2011

A few more bits and pieces

So the rally is now only a month away... Having achieved approximately half of what I planned in terms of modifications this year I'm hoping the actual rally doesn't show the same progression path!

One day I will fit the turbo that is sat in my loft, but until then ill just have to compensate with the noise of the ridiculous exhaust system.

However and this leads to my reasoning for this post, it is a little too ridiculous. People ask me "is that road legal" I reply "depends", they reply "on what", I say "whether I start the engine or not"

for that reason I've had to make a slight modification... I got myself a 'decibel killer' insert for the 4" monster.

'Easy to fit' I thought, instructions claimed, all you need to do is drill a 5mm hole in your end pipe and bolt on, job done.  Woohoo I thought, temporary volume control.

so here is a question for you... have you ever tried drilling a 5mm hole in 2mm titanium with an 18v battery drill and some normal drill bits? no of course not, right? because your not an idiot...  Well you see, I am...

I broke a total of 7 drill bits in an hour and made what I think was about 0.05mm indent!

So by that maths it was going to take 280 drill bits and 40 hours to get through. therefore I had to rethink my strategy.

Luckily one of my nice neighbours noticed my failing and flailing and helped, I went to screwfix and bought some proper bits and he got his mains drill, we got through it in 20 mins or so!

The volume is only about 5-10% less but it just takes the edge off the ridiculousness!

The other job is something less painful and stressful, ive got some of the racing grill stuff and fitted it to the brake vents in the veilside bumper. well if i'm going to chav it up, may as well do it proper like...

More updates soon...

15 Mar 2011

Thank you! Broken the £1000 sponsorship target!

Just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the people and businesses that have contributed to us reaching our target of £1000 sponsorship on our justgiving site.

With 6 weeks to go we are hoping to raise more before the event and really appreciate everyone's support!

If you are able to donate we will truly be eternally grateful, checkout the 'sponsor us' button for our justgiving page.

Roll on ScumRun 2011!!!

12 Mar 2011

some grrrrr and roaaaaaar with a lot of rumble

so its only a few weeks now until the rally and we thought it about time to swap the sensible road exhaust for something more worthy of the scumrun. so 'that exhaust' as labelled by one of the participants in 09 whilst moaning on the ferry how we woke them up, is back. We fitted it today after some battling with nuts and mountings but got it on there and its just as loud as I remember... heres a few pictures...

The bug jacked up at the rear with the roof down, got about half the graphics on, other half going on soon.

"That exhaust"

The grin says it all

Action shot, move the fog light (already had custom bracket from last time) 2 bolt bracket and new mountings were welded in place last time, so just a simple swap over

now would be a bad time to start her up, right?

She purrs like a lion strapped into an electric chair

Next we plan to adjust the suspension, adjusting ride height front and back

How she looks so far!

More to do but at least we can tick the exhaust off the list...

9 Mar 2011

At last some sunshine

So its taken nearly a month for the sun to come out and it not be freezing cold and alas until now I have not been able to take a good look at the car with the roof down, Ive also taken the opportunity to start putting some of the stickers on the car. Ill take some better photos shortly as this one hardly does it justice (from my phone) but personally I think it looks very cool with the top down...

some better photos will follow when the graphics are finished being put on...

3 Mar 2011

Graphics ready to put on the car

Just a quick update to say that we have all the sponsor graphics, plus various fast car collections, plus some left over vinyl from the last rally, some parts manufacturers graphics, all ready to go on the car... finding room could be fun! Massive thanks to www.signprint.co.uk for the graphics!