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28 Apr 2013

A bit of pre event housekeeping

Well with only a few days until we take part in this years Scumrun it seems a good time to remind everyone of Scumrun squadron communication protocols and radar data availability

We shall be transmitting coordinates and mission status through the top secret platforms code name 'twitter' and 'Facebook' as well as updating this site

You can navigate the encrypted security protocols of the mainframe by visiting

Www.twitter.com/teambugsplat (Search for hash tag #scumsqn )

Note that we are very grateful for all the donations received so far. If you would like to help wellchild and sponsor us the address is


Ok I hope you understand the top secret nature of this mission and endeavour to salute your superiors who have given you the honour of a level 3 security clearance to access this information

Scumrun squadron command

Over and out

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