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12 Apr 2013

Scumrun 2013 - Preparation - Part 4 - Livery

Now one must 'come clean' early on in these communiques and state that I do not plan to reveal a picture of the car now until the Launch in a couple of weeks time. This forms an obvious challenge when blogging about our rally preparation...however I will keep this short, to the point and at a blistering pace akin to the winged beauties of which our theme is based...

But hoping it is less...

and more...

Fundamentally, our planned livery is made up of 5 layers

2.Detail graphics
3.Text graphics
4.Official event graphics
5.Squadron livery

All sounds much more grand than it is, but on such a small car it does take some planning...add to this that I plan to have the roof down for the entire rally (barring extreme weather) and our space for visual identity is limited...

So far I have completed the paint layer, received graphics for 2 and 3 from willing suppliers, have received 4 from the event guys and just waiting to contact recommended source for 5.

Obvious to say that it would be nice to get some warm weather some time soon to facilitate the graphical transformation, if you've ever tried applying vinyl in the cold you will understand...

But watch this space, I will post a final picture on the morning of the launch from the secret mission briefing location in Dover...

Squadron leader...over and out.

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