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5 Apr 2013

Scumrun 2013 Preparations - Part 3 – Role call...

We hear rumour of rumours, rustling of whispers in corridors of uprisings and sprouting of the rebellious, collaborative and flatulent.

There are those who look to evoke the winds of the east (and the gut)
There are those who look to the highest altitudes and fastest airspeeds
There are those who seek to capture the days of the past
There are those who barrel role with an eye on the earliest of our kind
There are those who join us from other genres but salute our cause
And then there are those who seek to overwatch and document.

At times the squadron will dwell in formation, laying fear (and perplexity) into the hearts of those we cross, but also our group have missions of an individual nature, do not be surprised to see solo missions being delivered with precision and gile. 

But do not be fooled, while solo they stand not alone...

Eclectic, yes, Dynamic, of course, stupid, without question, formidable, I dare you...

We are the Scumrun Squadron – In Spumae nos confidimus (in scum we trust)

Cmdr J.”Bugsplat” Richardson

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