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29 Apr 2013

Scumrun 2013 - Preparations - Part 6 - leaks

So with little over 3 days until we kick off we decided to do a bit of a service on the bugzai. We wanted to change air and oil filters. Engine oil, and spark plugs. The other day it had started misfiring and on checking the ht leads it appeared to have a little water that had got in where I'd sprayed the engine bay so I dried it out replaced the ht leads and all seemed well.

The filters and draining the oil was easy of course and we had this done in no time. Then we removed the spark plugs...

They weren't supposed to be black... Let alone dripping with oil !

So with other tell tale signs of minor oil leak around the rocker cover it was clear the gasket was not doing much.

Some hunting around the local parts places found someone who could get one in that afternoon and we picked it up together with some sealant.

We did the job and fingers crossed all appears to be running well with no leaks now. I'm just glad we spotted it before takeoff as we did most of the 2011 event on 3 cylinders and it was not pleasant!

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